The Makol Ariik Development Foundation

The Makol Ariik Development Foundation (MADF) is a service geared towards empowering South Sudan higher education by providing scholarships for post-graduate degrees studies to Sothern Sudanese students from, mainly, three Southern Universities (Univeristy of Juba, Upper Nile University, and Bahr al Ghazal University) and Southern Sudanese from other institutions who will be willing to teach in the South. A majority - about 60% of the seats-will be given to students to prusue graduate degrees in:

East Africa

Southern Africa

West Africa

Only 30% will be allocated in the United States, Britain, and Canada. Other 10% will be provided elsewhere example, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

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Mission Statement

MADF will provide scholarships to obtain advanced degrees to deserving students of Southern Sudan, to pursue post-graduate studies in Africa, Europe, and the United States.

MADF will fund tuition, board, and books for graduatuate studies.

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Articles of Incorporation

A recommendation from a Southern University

Department of Chemistry Graduate Application

The intense need for educational opportunities for the students of Southern Sudan arises from the following circumstances:

  • The nation of Sudan obtained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1956.
  • In 1955 a civil war began between Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan.
  • Northern Sudan consists of the northern two-thirds of Sudan and is dominated by Islamic and Arabic peoples.
  • Southern Sudan consists of the southern third of the country and is dominated by Christian and tribal African peoples.
  • Since 1955 the civil war has continued for most of 40 years and millions of persons have perished. Hundreds of thousands of others have left the country as refugees through Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, and Uganda.
  • In January, 2005 a comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) was signed between north and south and hostilities in the southern provinces ceased.
  • As a part of the CPA, Southern Sudan has been given rights of self determination and will vote in 2011 whether to remain a part of Sudan or secede and form a new nation.
  • In the interim Southern Sudan has been granted autonomy in government affairs. Presently, Salva Kiir Mayardit serves as President of Southern Sudan and is working to move Southern Sudan to independence.
  • As part of the independence movement, Southern Sudan is developing its own banking system, infrastructure and school system, patterned after western culture.
  • However, there is a greet need for Sudanese who have been educated in the United Sates and other western countries to prepare themselves to return and help the new nation establish itself, its business, agriculture, and religious systems.


Tuition summary for contributions

This is the summary of what various contributions would do to help students of Southern Sudan with graduate studies. The estimated living expenses at Nairobi and at Kampala is $300 per month.

Charirable contributions to Makol Ariik Development Foundation helping students of Southern Sudan

Graduate Programs at Makerere University (Uganda)

1. $7,200 - Two Years Tuition for Masters Degree in Crop Science
2. $2,400 – Two Years Tuition for Masters Degree in Education Management
3. $2,500 – Two Years Tuition for MBA program
4. $6,000 – Two Years Tuition for Master of Public Health
5. $6,000 – Two Years Tuition for Masters Degree in Physics
6. $6,000 – Two Years Tuition for Masters Degree in Chemistry
7. $5,000 – Two Years Tuition for Masters in Civil Engineering
8. $8,856 – Two Years Tuition for Doctors Degree in Computer Science
9. $2,400 – Living Expenses for Two Years

Graduate Programs at University of Nairobi, Kenya

1. $6,326 – Three Years Tuition for Doctors Degree
2. $4,311 – Two Years Tuition for Masters Degree
3. $3,600 - Living Expenses for Three Years

Graduate Programs at University of Botswana, South Africa

1. $7,056 – Two Years Tuition for Masters Degree in Science and
2. $11,274 – Three Years Tuition for Doctors in Science and Engineering
3. $2,200 – Two Years Living Expenses

Graduate Programs at University of Ghana

1. $28,000 – Four Years Tuition for MD degree
2. $12,000 – Two Years Tuition for Masters in Science/Agriculture
3. $6,000 – Full Living Expenses for two years

Graduate Programs at the University of Utah
(Assumes Tuition and Living Expenses Paid by Fellowship/Teaching)

1. $4,000 – Round trip airfare and first month’s living expenses