Our Programs:

  • The Foundation will provide scholarships and grants for graduate studies to students from Southern Sudan, mainly students from three Southern Universities (University of Juba, Upper Nile University, and Bahr al-Ghazal University), and Southern Sudanese students from different instructions who will be willing to teach in the South.
  • The Foundation will pay tuition, board, room, and books for graduate studies.
  • Students attending the three universities in Southern Sudan (located in Juba, Wau, and Malakal) will be notified of the availability of these scholarships through brochures made available to students at those universities and through the scholarship officer at the University. Other Southern students will be notified through news posting on our web site.
  • The Foundation will maintain case histories showing recipients' names, addresses, purposes of awards, amounts of awards, and manner of selection. Relatives of officers, trustees, and donors will not be eligible.
  • Eligible students must have a four-year bachelor's degree with a minimum of (3.00) GPA average from a university in Southern Sudan, and its equivalent elsewhere, and have a career goal of teaching at the university level.

Qualifying Engilsh and Math Exams:

English Exam | Math Exam

The Following merit criteria will be applied in the selection of recipients:

(1) Class standing; (2) academic performance; (3) experience teaching; (4) admission to a graduate program; (5) whether the candidate has the necessary perseverance and motivation to obtain an education and (6) an essay on the future of education in Southern Sudan.


In cases of equally qualified students, a student with financial need will be preferred over one with available resources. Recipients will not be pre-selected to receive an award and cannot be related to members of the Foundation's board of trustees, officers or major contributors. Applicants will be evaluated without regard to race, color, age, religion, or sex. Need will be determined based on whether the candidate exhibits need for financial assistance in a financial disclosure. The number and amounts of grant will be determined based on funds available. Award recipients will be notified of such award. Specifically, award recipients will be notified:

  1. Whether the acceptance of the award does or does not carry contractual obligations between the Foundation and the recipient.
  2. Of requirements and conditions necessary to obtain, maintain, or qualify for renewal of the award.
  3. Of the circumstances under which the award will be tax-free to recipient, namely, that the recipient (a) is a candidate for a degree at an eligible educational institution, and (b) uses the award to pay qualified educational expenses including tuition, fees, and course-related expenses (books, supplies, equipment).
  • The number of grants made annually will be based on the success of fundraising and the duration of donor commitments. An increase in fundraising including duration of commitments to donate for a determined time period will increase the number of students the Foundation can help.
  • The amount of grants will be a function of the number of qualified applicants, the cost of tuition, books and living expenses at the universities the will attend for post-graduate work and the amount of funds available.
  • Current committee members are; Mawien Makol Arik, Ambrose Mjak Alor, James Alic Garang, Augustino Ting Mayai, and John Wiemer. Mr. Wiemer is newly appointed trustee and will be a member of the selection committee. He is a recently retired professor from Salt Lake community College, where he taught for 30 years and also served as International student advisor. The selection committee is chosen based on experience in education, including advanced degrees. Only the board of trustees will replace selection committee members.
  • Recipient must maintain at least "B+" or "3.00" average, be engaged as a full time student under the criteria of the university they attend and making satisfactory progress in his or her program.
  • Students must provide grade transcripts semi-annually to the Foundation. Scholarships and grants will be paid directly to the school where the school will apply the grant funds only for enrolled students who are in good standing. If the terms of the award are violated, a student may be placed on probation for up to one year or may be terminated in egregious cases. In the event an award recipient fails to comply with the terms of the award, the Foundation will attempt to secure a return of all or part of the award in accordance with applicable law.
  • Relatives of members of the selection committee, or of the Foundation's officers, directors, or substantial contributors are not eligible for award under the Foundation's program.