MADF meeting in Sept. at the University of Utah 9-19-07

On Thursday Sept.19th, a fruitful meeting was held at the Department of Biology, College of Science-U Of U. The meeting was exclusively for MADF's graduate admission program to the Department of Biology and to the other Science graduate programs as well as other graduate schools in different colleges at the University of Utah. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Kent Golic, Professor of Biology and member of the Board of Makol Ariik Developoment Foundation (MADF). Professor Golic explored in his speach many areas of study and he elaborated at length enormous challenges and technicalities involve in pursuing graduate degree particularly in Science departments: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, etc..., Specially when it comes to International students admission to the Program who will not only be required to have passed TOEFL and GRE as a condition for their admission to the Program, but also to have their GRE scores above certain level required by different departments.

Dr. Golic also talked about how the graduate program works in the Dept. of Biology. He said the program a one that is steady leading up to PhD degree in the period of 5 years. Within this period, he added, a promising student is expected to do more on his/her research work in order to graduate. The ultimate goal is ofcourse the wider conceptual frame of valuable contibution to the litrature of science; so student is needed to work hard in research side rather than class work which he/she has have to have.

A student must have little background before the actual admission to who is going to be his/her selected topic's supervisor. This pre-knowledge of knowing your supervisor beforehand, helps research supervisors and students alike in their future course work and ease most challenges ahead.

Next meeting at the University of Utah is scheduled to take place on Oct.25 @ 12.00 Noon. It will be in the College of Science. We invite all Board members to attend and have a wonderful interaction